Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Up On A Tight Rope

My grandpa used to have a much more colorful expletive he used for this old saying. But I have cleaned it up for my blog. My grandsons still get the original because grandpas are like that. The point is still the same, however. You can wish in one hand and want in the other and see which hand fills up first. That's pretty much life in a nutshell, isn't it. Wishin and wantin and wishin and wantin. Wish it was this, wantin that. Holy shit, I'm half way through my life and I'm still empty handed. What the hell?
That's the dilemma at work. I wish I could fix all that is wrong. I want to quit. Which hand fills up first? Lately, I have been sleeping less and dreaming more. My dreams, more often than not, have been work related. There is never any resolution to the dreams, but there are always lingering issues. I have no doubt I am meant to be where I am. But I am only human and I have doubts about how I am supposed to handle it all. So I walk a tight rope. Say this-don't say that. Do this-don't do that. Life was so much easier when I worked on a golf course.


satfco said...

Really! Life was easier on the golf course? Only if playing and even then it always AH! Fuck! I think I just figured something out!hahaha...It was fun and good far as your working there it was same ol' story different place. You only know one way to work, and that is pour you heart and soul into the task at hand and give all you have to offer. Always going way past above and beyond, only to find ungratefullness and bosses expecting more. WELL LET ME BE THE FIRST TO SAY THANK YOU!!! It's a work ethic that is seldom found anymore, you've passed it on to your son and with time he will pass it on to his two boy's. It's a character trait we should all strive to achieve. The phrase "an honest day's work for an honest day's pay" just doesn't true for the vast majority. Often it's try to do the least possible and get the most from it. Take satisfaction that you've passed on your traits to the next generation and it will be passed on from there. Remember on person that can beat you down it YOU! Love you Mike and Marie

irvmarmik said...

I appreciate your kind words of encouragement Mike. And you are right about my selective memory. There were some pretty rough days out at the Pepper Tree. Dan was probably the most skitzoid, back stabbing, obnoxious mo-fo I ever worked for. I'm sure Marie agrees. It is sad that everyone wants more for less these days. The herd is getting thinner and thinner. I don't envy you guys raising families in this environment. The deck is stacked against your children in so many ways. However, God has blessed them with two parents like you and Sandra so they at least have a fighting chance. Thanks for reminding me that golf is a four letter word.
Love you guys and miss the heck out of you.