Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pickle Me Elmo

These are the results of our first attempt at pickling. We chose the refrigerator method for ease and because we didn't have the utensils necessary for the hot bath method. Besides, we can eat eight pints of garlic dill spears and eight pints of bread and butter chips in no time. Marie looked up some recipes and we chose two that sounded good and met our time and space requirements and viola, pickles from heaven.


Lexey said...

woah! are those from your garden?

Helen said...

They look great. You both did a great job in your garden. Wish we were closer to enjoy them too.

irvmarmik said...

Yup. Those are all from the garden. They ranged from six to eight inches and we knew we could never eat them all in salads before they went bad so we tried pickiling them. The great thing about the easy method is that they will keep in the refrigerator for up to a year. The vines are still producing so we'll get a bunch more and will have some for the next time we see all you guys. I'm going to put up some recent pics of the garden that came out pretty good. Some of the corn is seven and eight feet tall. Crazy.