Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Let's see now, since The One's election four months ago, the stock market has lost nearly half it's value, the national debt has nearly quadrupled, over 9,000 earmarks have passed into law, no fewer than four tax evaders have been confirmed to cabinet positions, the new Secretary of State has kicked Israel to the curb, the Russians are knocking on Eastern Europe's door again, countless newspapers have gone up for sale, gone bankrupt or closed their doors altogether and Obama has already purchased his first bottle of Just for Men hair color. And I was afraid the only change we were going to see with this administration was the change in color of the lipstick on the pig. Silly me.At this rate of change, we had better learn to like vodka and caviar. Or fish heads and rice. Or humus and felafel's.Four years of changes like higher taxes, more failed corporate bailouts, embarrassing foreign affairs blunders, sold out allies and a tanking market could make the United Stated resemble the West Bank. After eight years of socializing health care, the banking industry, the real estate market and energy, the dollar will be worth about two and a half Dinars. But we'll feel good about ourselves because we have destroyed the evil capitalist empire. The Fairness Doctrine will be back in place, Rush Limbaugh will be off the air and we will have made the world a safer place for the Russians and Chinese. God help us all!