Thursday, July 3, 2008

Getting Started

I have been procrastinating about starting a blog of my own for several years now. To tell you the truth, I have been intimidated by all of the really great blogs that already exist and have wondered what the hell I could add to the blogosphere that would be of any significance to anyone. But it has finally sunk in to my feeble brain that it isn't about anyone else-it's about me. So now it is just a matter of getting started. Whoa, now. That poses a whole new dilemma. Where the hell do I start.
How about the title of my blog-irvmarmik? My father's name was Irving, but everyone I know except my aunt Marge called him Irv. Well, I take that back. When Mom, brought into the world as Margaret, got good and pissed at him, she would call him Irving. While aunt Margie's tone was rather endearing, Mom's was somewhat bone-chilling. It's sort of like stretching a guitar string until it snaps. But back to the point. In Pop's later years, he often expressed a great interest in getting on the Internet. I think he really saw what a valuable resource it could be. But he just didn't live long enough to manifest that desire. Mom, on the other hand, couldn't care less about surfing the web and to this day resists all prodding to indulge it. Total opposites, those two.
Now, to digress for a moment. When I was born, I guess they didn't exactly want a Jr. tagged onto my name so I became Michael Irving. Most of my early years, I was called Mike by friends and family alike until junior high school when most of my close friends, after learning my middle name, started calling me Irv. So I have answered to both names for many years now.
Back in the mid nineties, when my wife Marie and I needed an e-mail address that wouldn't divulge our true identities, the combination of names became an obvious solution. So, irvmarmik has been our Internet handle eversince.
Whew! Now, that was a mouthful.


Lexey said...

I'm so glad you started this. I love you.

dkprnce said...

For a very short time i considered calling mine: TheRapist. Although I have found blogging to be quite therapeutic i resisted the urge for obvious reasons. :)

lovelelisa said...

the hit the mark right on's all about you. and i'm glad you want to share your thoughts. it's nice to see you!! :-)

~your little asian daughter