Friday, January 23, 2009


After an exhausting election cycle, I have spent the last two months avoiding any and all things political. While relaxing at a wild animal preserve (our backyard) I have been trying to lure our resident squirrel out from under the shed where he has lived since we moved in, over a year ago. Finally, with the help of some Christmas nuts, I have gained his trust enough to entice him all the way up to the patio where he now drinks out of the bird bath Marie set out for our feathered friends. On this particular day, just as I was snapping his picture, he was scared off by a group of sparrows who decided it was time for a dip in the pool. Nutcheeks, as we call him, then "hightailed it" for the barn. I always wondered where that term came from.Can you cram any more in there, "Nutcheeks"?
Bellying up to the bar.

What the.........????The lull before the storm.....
Group bath!!!!!!!
Hey! Where'd everybody go??????


Kahuna said...

That is an awsome story and the pictures are amazing I would have known exactly what you said even without the words just by looking at the pictures. Wow its Father like Daughter or vise guys both have a knack with a lens in your hand.

Lexey said...

i laughed out loud in the newsroom and just got a funny look.. :) too cute!

dkprnce said...

great shots