Monday, September 15, 2008


Is it just me, or is anyone else put off by the irony of two politicians and their respective minions spending a billion dollars in a campaign for the white house while the economy collapses around our collective asses? Can I see a show of hands? Am I here all alone? What the fuck, over? I'm not very good at math but, I think I could pay more than a few months rent with a billion dollars. I could even buy some stock. Oh, my mistake, the stock market crashed quietly while we were all concentrating on the amount of money being spent on our behalf by the benevolent ones. So maybe I could just stock up on some cheap wine and forget that I am just a heartbeat away from the shopping cart down by the river. What the hell, Ollie?
Campaign finance reform (McCain/Fiengold) was supposed to be a "buy" partisan fix to the big, corporate domination of our national political process. Everybody in the "game" seems to be happy with the way it is working out for them. So I'm wondering, what's going on here? People are losing their shirts, major corporations are failing, the government is forking out billions in bailouts and all the while, fund raising records are being set each and every month by both political parties. Where is all the money coming from when everyone is in such dire straights? How can two men raise so much cash when, supposedly, there is no cash to be had? I know, I ask a lot of questions.
I'm beginning to think money is like energy-it's never really lost, it just changes hands. Not only is it never lost, it is manufactured like candy or tires or computer chips. When you need more, make more. Supply and demand. The people need money. Supply them. Whoa! Wait a minute, I'm going to start asking questions again. Who runs this store, anyway? There's nothing on the shelves but the back room is full of goods. Please take a number and you will be seen in the order of your contribution. Chrysler, Lockheed, Continental, Washington Mutual, AIG-not necessarily in that order.
Back to the show of hands. Does anyone see a pattern here? Let me rephrase that-does anyone see a change of hands here? And yet, so many have so much to give to so few. Meanwhile, I've posted links to a couple of articles that make you wonder why and two new, (old but still relevant) tunes to my playlist. Engage.

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